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  Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, not a state of sleep or unconsciousness.  It is an altered state of consciousness.  While in this relaxed state of peaked awareness, you are in full control of yourself at all times.  Your morals or ethics can never be compromised.  In Hypnotherapy, we tap into your subconscious to help heal you-mind, spirit, body and soul.  You are in complete control at all times.  The Hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything you do not want to, or are not predisposed to do.



  Yes!  We go in and out of hypnosis daily-daydreaming, the relaxed state before you go to sleep, right before waking up, athlete's high, reading, watching television, playing video games or driving on the freeway and not realizing how far you've gone.  Any time you move from an outward perception to an inner awareness, you enter a state of hypnosis.




  Familiar!  The by-product of all hypnosis is relaxation where muscles, nerves and the mind relax.  Some describe it as feeling passive or mellow.  Others feel as if they are filled with light or surprised by new perception: "I understood things I never could before."  Returning to full consciousness (room awareness) makes you feel at peace with everything.  Hypnosis is a common and varied experience.  Each hypnotic experience may be different from what you expect, or from the last one you experienced.  This makes sense considering you aren't in the same frame of mind all the time.  Each person's experience is different.  Hypnosis is personal: it's like your fingerprint, unique to you.  Hypnosis looks different from how it feels.  From an observing position, you may look as if you are asleep.  In actuality, the person in a state of hypnosis is keenly aware of everything going on around them, (in the super conscious state).  It's unlikely you will "feel" anything except a sense of deep relaxation.




  Since hypnosis looks different from how it feels, it is often misunderstood.  There is no "feeling" in hypnosis, just as there is no feeling in daydreaming.  How do you know when you are hypnotized? You don't!

  Sometimes people feel as if they haven't been hypnotized after their session because they didn't feel different.  You should realize that it is unlikely you will have any "feeling" in hypnosis except that of being relaxed.  Once you experience  a session, allow the experience to settle in.  Your soul knows the information you received in your session  is valid.

  Stage hypnosis (what you've seen on TV or in the movies) often misrepresents hypnosis.  No one can control you, especially in that super conscious state.  Some doubt the value of hypnosis because they themselves have not experienced its benefits.  Some fear the unknown; others are often afraid of being vulnerable, being controlled, losing control, looking foolish or telling deep dark secrets.  When in a hypnotic state, your inner wisdom helps you to access all of your records of this life and all past lives.  You have more control of yourself than in a conscious state.  You will not "reveal" anything you don't want to reveal.



  Hypnosis is as safe as sleeping.  Practiced by a qualified Hypnotist, hypnosis is safe and empowering.  We have been "hypnotized" by parents, teachers, friends or our own self-talk to believe "we" are less than, incompetent, or a failure.  THAT IS HARMFUL TO YOU!

  A hypnosis session allows you to decide which suggestions to embrace or discard.  It puts you in the driver's seat of your behaviors or emotions.  The awareness of a person in hypnosis is heightened, not lessened.  It helps you to release negative cell memory and negative energy and bring forth positive cell memory and positive energy!

  Remember, Meditation, daydreaming or experiencing hypnosis is neither good nor bad--it is up to YOU to make a commitment for a successful session.  Having a session won't necessarily change your life without any effort on your part.  My ultimate goal is for you to be empowered to live the life you want in the best way you can!





PAST LIFE REGRESSION INFORMATION-Excerpts from Comversations with the Other Side, copyright 2002 by Sylvia Browne



  Most definitley they do, although most of you don't realize it.  Your likes and dislikes in this life are influenced by previous lives.  Your personality has been deeply affected and built upon previous incarnations.  Other areas that your past lives can influence include: physical health, appearance, race, creed, religion, value systems, wealth, habits, aesthetic talents of any kind, sex and I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.  Everything in your current life is affected by your past lives.

  In many cases, negativity on the Earth plane is perpetuated by the influence of past lives.  Bigotry and racial hatred are prime examples.  Almost everyone at one time or another has experienced such prejudices-with some of you even functioning as both victim and offender.

  Take a look at your life and analyze it as an incarnate.  You can discover how many of our interests, habits, likes and dislikes could be the direct result of a past life.  Is your house furnished in a particular decor?  Do you like certain foods more than others?  Do you vacation in a certain place all the time?  Are you uncomfortable with a certain ethnic group?  You may be surprised to learn how much influence the past can have on your life.



For the majority of you, I would say yes.  The main benefit is therapeutic in nature, but unfortunately, most therapists who practice today don't incorporate the premise of reincarnation in their methodology.  Consequently, they bypass one of the primary healing modes to relieve both physical and mental problems for indivuals: past life therapy.

  Past life therapy, through the use of hypnotic regression, has garnered some astounding results from those who utilize it.  Most phobias that have no reason to exist or can't be traced to an incident in someone's current life, are usually the result of a past life experience.  In fact, many traumatic incidents that a person has gone through in previous lives can be triggered by similar circumstances in their current life.  Many illnesses, which doctors term "psychosomatic" are often "carried over" from past incarnations.

  For example, at a certain age, a famous actor started experiencing acute pain in the solar plexus region  of his body.  After seeing numerous doctors, none of them could find a reason for the pain, so he consulted a psychic.  The psychic determined that this actor had been "run through" with a sword in that particular area of his body during a past life.  Once he discovered this, the actor no longer ecxperienced any pain.  This is a key example of how a "carry over" from our past life can affect you.

  To develop your recollection of past lives, hypnosis is considered the safest and most valid method.  Almost everyone who undergoes a past life regression feels better mentally and physically afterward, but if you take part in this process, be prepared for an emothional release.  Some of the issues you can resolve from this method are: psychosomatic ills, phobias, habits, a misguided life purpose, quetions about your life, relationship troubles and many, many more.  The benefits are many....



  For your comfort and the comfort of other clients, we ask that you please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

         Please remember.........

     Do not drink more than one or two cups of coffee or caffiene drinks prior to your session.


     Please do not drink alcoholic beverages  or take non-prescribed mind-altering medication prior to your session.


     Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.  We want you as comfortable as possible, thus alllowing for a successful session.


     Do not wear any heavy perfumes, aftershaves or lotions.  All senses may be used during a session, therefore we don't want anything interferring with your session.


     You are in full control of yourself at all times, and cannot be made to do anything you are unwilling to do.


      You may choose to spend some time prior to your appointment relaxing by deep breathing or meditating.  If you feel you need meditation time prior to your session, please let us know when making your appointment.  Also note, that during your presession interview, we may decide that you need some meditation time and will guide you through the process.  There is never a charge for this service.


     If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask.


     Lastly, RELAX!  Hypnosis is a wonderful tool that allows you to explore yurself and your past lives for healing, discovery or personal research.


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