Anxiety                            $100/1-2 hr session
 Session includes Meditation/Hypnosis and an audio recording

 PTSD                                $100/1-2 hr session

 Session includes Meditation/Hypnosis and an audio recording

 Pain Management          $100/1-2 hr session

 Session includes Meditation/Hypnosis and an audio recording     

 Meditation-Personalized       $45/30-60 min 

  Session includes an audio recording

 Behavior Modification     $100/1-2 hr session

  Session includes Meditation/Hypnosis and an audio recording  

 Counseling                       $100/1 hr session

  Sessions may include Meditation/Hypnosis  An audio 

  recording of Meditation/Hypnosis will be provided 

 Weight Loss                       $100/1-2 hr session

  Session includes Meditation/Hypnosis and an audio recording 

 Smoking Cessation          $100/1-2 hr session

  Session includes Meditation/Hypnosis and an audio recording

 Current Life Regression  $100/1-2 hr session

  Session includes Hypnosis and an audio recording      


 Past Life Regression         $100/1-2 hr session

  Session includes Hypnosis and an audio recording 


 Hospice/End of Life Transition
                                              $100/1-2 hr session

  Session may include Meditation/Hypnosis.  May include an   

  audio recording

 Sessions are not limited to the above issues